PUBLISHED! Washingtonian Bride & Groom - Winter 2014

I am very honored to have Caitlin and Todd's wedding published in this winter's Washingtonian Bride & Groom Magazine!  What a joy to see such a pinkalicious wedding in that wonderful publication.  Events In The City created a beautiful event at Dumbarton House in Georgetown that reflected Caitlin and Todd perfectly.  I am delighted to finally be sharing this wedding.  This is just a little teaser, so much more loveliness to come.  Now go get your copy!

Caitlin you are stunning!

Main Street Station

I love how photography can take you places.  This image feels like it was made 100 years ago.  Actually it was yesterday...

PUBLISHED! Churrasco Party on Style Me Pretty Living!

I am delighted to share this feature that is on Style Me Pretty Living today!  My darling husband and I threw a backyard party relying heavily on his amazing culinary skills.  I styled and designed the party, a favorite pastime of mine.  It is to date one of my favorite parties that we have ever thrown and I am so glad that I photographed it!  Looking at these images fills me with joy...and hunger!  You can see the feature HERE.  Enjoy!

PUBLISHED! Su Chuen + Chia's River Farm Wedding on Style Me Pretty!

I am so honored to have Su Chuen and Chia' wedding featured on Style Me Pretty today!  Su Chuen and Chia were such a pleasure to work with, as were Karson Butler Events who made the event spectacular to photograph!  You can view the feature right HERE.

The Creative Team:
 Florist: JM Flora | Cake: Windows Catering | Stationery: Anna Rifle Bond | Shoes: BHLDN | Catering: Windows Catering | Event Planner: Karson Butler | Hair: Hair By Jewels | DJ: Dave Grimm | Officiant: Say I Do Your Way - Joyce Cochran | Bridal Gown: J.Crew | Bridesmaids Gowns: J.Crew | Day of Papergoods: Little Bit Heart | Makeup: Blush DC | River Farm: River Farm | Tent: Rent-All Center

PUBLISHED! Cameron's Bridals on Wedding Sparrow

I am in absolute love with bridal sessions.  It's a special time when your personal style can be lavished and given the full treatment, which just does not happen on wedding days - too busy!  I so wish that all of my brides did bridals.  Here's to hoping that will change very soon!

I am incredibly honored to have Cameron's bridal session featured on the fine art blog Wedding Sparrow.  What I love about this blog is that it revolves around fine art photography.  What does that even mean!?  It means that the images on the blog look fabulous.  This blog does not show every bizarre new wedding trend, just the beautiful and chic.  

If you want to sprinkle some cyber sugar my way, feel free to leave a comment HERE!  To see my original blog post with Cameron's bridals click HERE.  Happy Friday!     

Winter Light

Even though I am still enjoying a Virginia summer I can't help but jump ahead to winter!  There is something very exciting about a changing of the seasons.  There is a different attitude that arises.  The air smells different.  These are the top five things that I am looking forward to most:

1)  Nieman Marcus seasonal candles
2)  Wool socks
3)  Making Puppy's famous leek soup (recipe coming soon!)
4)  Brewing my own root beer, my goal being to come very close to the Australian "Bundaberg." 
5)  Christmas.  This year I am on the prowl for the best gifts for Puppy!  I tried to be clever last year and did not buy him the three items he asked for.  Not the best idea!        

Browning Family | Frederick, Maryland Family Photographer

I was first introduced to Ryan Browning through his art work.  My husband and I are huge contemporary art fans, and we wanted to see fabulous paintings.  Once we saw Ryan's work the question wasn't if we would buy a painting, it was how many!  Three large scale painting purchases later, oh and a 9 foot tall wooden bear, we are so sad to see Ryan and his family move!  We have been spoiled by having him stretch the canvases in our home.  He has relocated across the pond to Qatar!  Thankfully Ryan's work is featured in galleries around the U.S. so when we need our art fix we know where to go!

I was so excited to finally meet Ryan's family.  I had heard tale of his spirited children and I knew his wife, Natalie, was a knockout.  We braved a tremendous rain storm and everyone was such good sports.  I could not have been more pleased with the moody, overcast skies which happened to perfectly illuminate the perfect family skin.  

To see more of this darling family session and order prints click HERE.

These little rascals could not have been more darling!

Natalie, you are such a beauty!

Cameron's Bridals

Picking out the perfect wedding dress and accessories is one of the biggest decisions a bride makes for her wedding.  What I love about bridal sessions is that I can lavish these carefully curated details with full attention for over an hour.  This does not happen on a wedding day.  Schedules don't afford that kind of time, and even if they did you would be exhausted by the time we got to your first look and family formals and the actual party!  

A bridal session is like an exciting test drive.  You wear your wedding makeup, bring your Manolos, the dress and other pretties and we take a test drive.  Your wedding day is not the ideal time to discover that six inch heels don't fit your fancy.  Bridals allow you to see what your makeup will look like in pictures (it's always softer than in real life), how your hair holds up, and what it feels like to live in that gorgeous fantasy that's been hanging with great anticipation in your closet...and if that fantasy has to be taken in a nip or tuck.

Here are a few tips for the best possible bridal experience...starring the beautiful Cameron! 

To view Cameron's entire bridal session and order prints, click HERE.    

1)  I like to schedule bridals about a month or two before the wedding, when your figure is where it will be at for the wedding day.  This also helps you discover any adjustments that need to be made to the dress.

2)  Wear everything that you plan on wearing on your wedding day, right down to the undergarments.  Yes Spanx do wonderful things, but if you can't breathe in them after 30 minutes they may have to jump ship.

3)  Spritz yourself with the scent that will perfume your day.  Does it make you feel beautiful?  If you are getting married outdoors, how well does the scent mix with bug spray?

4)  Figure out your dress's limitations of movement.  Can you sit in your dress?  Can you take your normal stride or do you inch along?  How will your train be held?  This will help you anticipate gliding like a cloud or walking like a geisha.   

5)  Walk in the shoes you plan to wear.  You will quickly gauge your comfort level.  One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard for footwear is to have your Maid of Honor stick a second pair of shoes in the freezer at the reception.  When your feet really start to hurt, slip on the icy cold shoes.  This reduces swelling and feels fabulous!

6)  Wedding dresses may expose parts of your body not shown every day.  Be conscious of things like tan lines, and go get exfoliated and properly moisturized.  Your skin will glow.

7)  If you will be walking in grass for a long time purchase Soulmates, little caps that slip onto your heels and provide a great surface area to keep you above ground.

8)  I love when my brides bring items of personal significance, like this Italian gilded vase.  It could also be something like a picture of your Mother when she was a bride.

Cameron you are absolutely gorgeous!

9)  Bring your bouquet (or in this case black smithed rose) with you.  You will be able to see how well it plays with your dress and how the proportions look together.

10)  Trust your photographer!  I really appreciate when my bride's are willing to give their sessions all they've got.  My intentions are to make you look as fabulous as possible, even if that means moving you into a position that may feel awkward at the time.  I can often be heard saying, "Feels funny, looks fabulous!" and my brides agree!

Cameron, you were a joy to work with!  Thank you for being your beautiful, inspiring self!    

Lovely Locks

Last month at the workshop Film Is Not Dead I had the pleasure of photographing Anne Robert, who is a gifted photographer.  This was my first time meeting Anne in person.  I had seen images of her on the internet so I knew she had long hair.  It was not until seeing her in person, however; that I understood just how long her hair is.  It was gloriously long and made me want to pop prenatal vitamins!  

PUBLISHED! Mandy + Ruel's Destination Idaho Thanksgiving Wedding on Style Me Pretty!

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to see Mandy and Ruel's Idaho wedding published on a website that I and millions of others hold in high esteem, Style Me Pretty!  There were so many unique and glamorous touches to this rustic wedding; the groom designed the whole event, the wedding was on Thanksgiving Day and held on a working ranch.  I have been waiting for over half a year to share this!  I look forward to sharing more of my favorites from this wedding.  Until then, go and leave the gorgeous couple some sugar with comments HERE!  Congrats Mandy and Ruel!