PUBLISHED! Page + Ted's Wedding in Weddings Unveiled Magazine

     With the jump start of a new year upon me (what ever happened to Y2K!?), I just returned from Seattle to find that the newest Winter issue of Weddings Unveiled has dropped!  Like a beautiful ball of marital hope in Times Square; only you don't have to freeze outside and sequins are optional.  And I'm in it, so it's extra fabulous!  I am deeply honored to be featured.
     The first time I saw this magazine years ago the clean, perfectly styled cover that has come to define the magazine left an indelible influence on my heart.  It was as though Leonardo DiCaprio himself had incepted an idea into my mind that would change create images that make me feel the same as when I saw that first cover; piercingly beautiful, simple, pure images that penetrate the heart and communicate style and beauty.    
     Hitch up your wagon and get to your nearest Barnes + Noble.  If you live on a remote island with no Barnes + Noble or your horses are a little hung after New Year's, don't fret.  You can order your copy here.  Have the barista make you a decadent peppermint hot chocolate and consume the luxurious and slightly larger than average pages of this top wedding magazine.  Let the whipped cream tickle your nose and delight your senses as the gorgeous images inspire you for your Big Day, or your Every Day.
     If you are a future client of mine, I invite you to look at my images as if they are from your wedding day.  Can you envision it?  How do you feel?  If the answer is "fabulous" then we should probably talk because 2012 is already flying by!   
     Page and Ted...remember when you said it felt surreal to see your wedding on Style Me Pretty?  How does in-print feel...?  A happy new year indeed.


  1. Your writing is as lovely as your film photography. Way to go on being published.