Caitlin + Todd | A Georgetown Engagement Session

The first time I met with Caitlin I knew I was in for a treat.  I LOVE hearing about how my clients meet and what makes them tick.  Hearing Caitlin and Todd's love story felt like I was privy to some fantastic screenplay destined to be a blockbuster.  Todd studied toy making at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Caitlin studied Equine Science at a college in upstate New York.  The two had their meet-cute at school in upstate New York when Todd decided upon a change of venue.  Little did Todd know his whole life's course would change with Caitlin's smile.

I am so excited to share Caitlin and Todd's engagement session!  This was after all the first time I met Todd.  Caitlin had told me of Todd's larger-than-life gregarious personality, how when talking fashion he says, "I know fashion.  I went to FIT."  They are a perfect match for each other; they are both so delightful and talented.  We had a blast during our shoot!  

Sophie has been there for it all.  The proposal, the engagement shoot, and she will be heavily incorporated into the wedding, which I am on pins and needles about! 

I love the luscious fall colors!  Georgetown is in its prime in the fall.

Caitlin you are so gorgeous!

Caitlin's J.Crew dress was so pretty!  The color perfectly complimented Georgetown's palette of warm oranges and yellows.    

Caitlin is the most organized bride person I have ever met!  When I first met Caitlin we chatted about her wedding and I asked about her progress in several areas.  Everything was done.  I do mean everything.  Caitlin has a vision and she knows how to execute it.  She even found time to hand-make personalized bridesmaid invites for each of her six bridesmaids!  Notice the detail...and how each bridesmaid's hair is true to life!  Caitlin you are amazing.  


Sophie's proudest moment!  She seems to be smiling.

Absolutely adorable.  This needs to be on at least a 30x40 canvas print.  

Look very closely and in the trees you will see two people, madly in love with each other.

Caitlin and Todd, I am so thrilled to have you as clients!  I can't wait for your much fun to be had!