Seattle, Sunny Side Up

I adore the rare opportunities I have to travel to Washington state.  Not only is it the stage for the epic series Twilight (laugh if you'd like, it is epic and wildly entertaining) it is the homeland of Puppy.  This city shaped a young boy into a man with many an Indie rock show, Ninja stars, and a constant temperate gentle mist that has made his skin the supple fabric that it is today.  

I made these images while there a few months ago during some free time in the city.    

I will never get over Seattle's idea of public transit - the ferry.  There is an open rooftop, a snack bar, and large group tables.  It's a floating party.

Tattoos are to Seattle what oxford shirts are to DC.  As I walked past this young tatted woman, I thought I read my name.  Close Amelise.  Very very close.  

This bone structure does not belong to a standard civilian, thank goodness.  This man is an official model, with the jawline to prove it.  You never know who you'll bump in to at Lush!     

I have always loved Lush.  Their branding is so perfect and I love the way the shop smells.    The sales girls were a little overambitious but that didn't stop me from finding my skin's new best friend, strawberry massage bar.  I have always seen massage bars as being limited to massages.  I have redefined my thoughts on the product and now think of them as solid body creams.  The bar begins to melt to the touch, so the application is very smooth.  This bar also has an added bonus for travel.  I toss my bar, wrapped in its original paper sack, into my luggage and everything smells lovely.  It's like a useful potpourri.   

Everyone has a little more edge in Seattle.  Even the dogs.

I was introduced to the scrumptious Mae Phim Thai Restaurant right by the ferry.  The green curry was dreamy with non-questionable chicken, the flavors smooth and spot on.  It was packed but somehow we managed to get a table and thank goodness we did.  The black sticky rice in sweet coconut foam was a true experience.          

Until next time Seattle...