Hot Chocolate in Motion

Nearly two weeks since my last Meals on Heels post.  What happened?  Have I gone down with the ship?  Not yet!  I'm a strong swimmer.  Meals on Heels shall resume its usual Saturday/Sunday position next week with a recipe that will put you on any guest long as you bring the brie baked in puff pastry with brown sugar and pecans!  

As a young girl in Belgium my school bus route always took us past a sunny restaurant on the corner.  I was learning French and would try to pound out the sounds to a long and peculiar name...Le...Pain...Quo...tidien.  Quotidien?  What on earth did that mean?  Le Pain Quotidien translates into The Daily Bread.  Although at age 9 I preferred burgers to open faced tartines I still could appreciate the delectable hot chocolate found at the Belgian treasure.

My five sisters and I all enjoy food immensely.  A genetic gift I suppose.  I took in some hot chocolate with one of my sisters, who as you can tell, loves the process of making up her hot chocolate.

At this point I became a little dizzy.  Were the concentric circles really necessary?  To Jean, they were.

These gigantic crispy chocolate chip cookies would have been perfect dipping companions for the hot chocolate.  Oh well, a great excuse to come back soon!