Sunday Distractions

Today I had an itch to make cookies.  It's 85 degrees outside but when I see leaves falling I get in a cookie frame of mind.  This cookie is the best cookie I have ever had in my life.      Even the flavor of the dough alone is delicious, let alone the power house ingredients of marshmallow, white and semi sweet chocolate chips, and toffee bits.  

Today I remembered an important long forgotten finishing touch for these cookies.  Don't bother with a cooling rack.  The hot cookies will just goop through the rack.  If you have a freezer with an empty flat shelf, you can move the cookies straight from the oven into the freezer.  This will take the edge off of the heat.  The cookies will still be warm after eight minutes but they will be firmer.  You can find my cookie recipe HERE.  Enjoy!   

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  1. this is beautiful. what a wonderful job, you're amazing :)